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I have been on my health journey since September 2018 it’s been a world wind of ups and downs but I continue to push it and myself to thrive getting better every day. I love working out, love eating better and I love surrounding myself with like-minded people. I’m down approximately 43 pounds from when I started but I have maintain my weight loss over these months. (24 months) When Covid-19 hit it was hard because I had to workout at home and I didn’t understand how being around others made me push harder.… A few months ago I met Tiffany.....better known as vitamin T and I started a program with her. I did this only because I need an extra push because I had noticed my body was not changing any more I was at a standstill and I wanted to do a more.... I wanted my core to be better and I wanted some inches off my Waist. So I joined her 21 day challenge in the first go around had a lot of things going on and I did not stick to everything like I need to but I came down a few inches and 4 pounds. So I join again and this 21 days I have come down 9 pounds and alot more inches I’m grateful to this program because sometimes you get in that place where nothing changes!!! In order to change you have to make changes, in order to change you have to push yourself never let yourself down...always surround yourself with people that are Trying to make themselves better as well....we push each other and pull each other until something happens.. If you need to change try try vitamin T she’s very motivating and inspirational and she gives you the tools you need to make progress and make change.

Mekaa G.

I just got into some size 18 from Size 22... We love you!!! Let’s go Sis!!! Who Drop 4 Sizes??? Me!! Who got pushed by one of the best trainers In Chicagoland? I did by Tiffany Vitamint so I’m here for all of it. I didn’t try, I’m doing this thang! I thank you ad appreciate all the encouragement and love!

Casey Johnson


 Tiffany Vitamint this one of the best programs I joined. The sisterhood I gain is indescribable. All we do is win. We are more than conquerors. We always win.

Toi S.

Feeling super excited about my 21 day transformation progress.

Tiffany Vitamint is my coach and she is a beast! I started at 152.8, I am currently at 146.0 and we have 7 more days to go. Prior to joining this program I would work out at home, but the scale wouldn't move. I had given up on the 140's, but Tiffany introduced me to new ways to exercise that I absolutely love to incorporate into my spin schedule (because I love it too) and new ways to approach my diet. Simply put, I have learned how to work my ass off and I am so happy!

Lisa R

Tiffany Vitamint

I just wanna say Thank you!!! This is my 2nd 21 day program with you and the results!! You got me losing inches in areas I’ve struggled my whole life to lose . Now my goal is to keep up with this detox plan as much as possible afterwards plus coffee

Tomeka R

Awesome results as I end my 1st 21 days with Tiffany Vitamint. Those exercises dang near took a sista out. But I made it through!! Thanks for encouraging me!!

Lashanda S.


One monkey don’t stop no show!!! Since I finally committed to FULLY changing my life I have been constantly hit with injury after injury. But hunty....MY VILLAGE IS SOOOOO STRONG AND SUPPORTIVE!!! Although I had to miss class today that ol’Missionary

Tiffany Vitamint

!!!!! Love her to life!!! I was still able to get that GOOD BURN and workout on via the good ol’book of Zoom!!!! I absolutely loved it!!!

LaSheka H


So I didn’t take my measurements but I did weight myself but didn’t take a picture My starting weight was 226.4 and today it’s 222.0 and I’m feeling good on Day 6 of my detox. I will admit I’m a grumpy but I’m standing strong. This group is so positive and I feel the love!!!! I’m so excited to see my outcome and my or . ViatminT is the bomb!!!!

Tammy A


I am a 70 year old woman who was not into exercise.  I began a "senior" exercise class with Tiffany and we would exercise twice a week.  This started about 3 or 4 months ago.   When I began, I couldn't bend, I could barely keep up with the exercises, which only consisted of walking, working with weights and other basic moves.  I also began going to spin class once a week.  I could hardly complete the moves and spin....what a joke..I vowed I wouldn't come back because I couldn't keep up, I couldn't peddle, I lasted about 20 minutes.   I was pitiful.

But I kept trying.  Now I can go up and down stairs without pain, my knees don't ache as bad and I can spin for an hour while standing..not for the entire time, but at my pace.

Tiffany is a motivator and she is passionate about fitness.  I would totally recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their fitness.

Carol B

Tiffany Vitamint first off, thank you for all you’ve done for this amazing group of people. We are so blessed and privileged to have your support! I’ve learned so much over these past 21 days; like just how much sodium and sugar impact your results. I’ve lost inches in places I never thought were possible. In addition, I’ve lost 10.2 pounds! Thanks for taking my measurements and for keeping your word of supporting me every step of the way! You’re amazing! Can’t wait for the next round!

Jamilah J.

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